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I decided to run the server as an XCP service, because it’s a nice easy way to make little sub-processes in macOS. All of that actually worked quite nicely, except for one fundamental part of the application: Apple Events, which have to be called on the main thread. Unfortunately in an XPC service the main thread is blocked by the service listener, meaning the Apple Events can’t run.

I decided to put all of the logic for the application into the server and have the client communicate over TCP, even if the client was the process that actually _started_ the server. The reason being there would be no difference between a local client and a remote one, just the IP address it would connect to.

After spending the whole weekend building a fancy (read: hacked together) TCP socket server in my application I think I need to change the fundamental way I integrated it into my application.

Whenever I receive an encrypted email I feel like I'm living in some cool alternate future where people exchange public keys at parties (that's cool, right?)

It feels more like a tech-dystopia when the encrypted email is from Facebook 😑

Someone really couldn’t be bothered with perspective in the latest Doctor Who episode.

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@djsundog *blows on the nginx cartridge and puts it back in*

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Since @djsundog mentioned alternate history computers it reminded me of this:

I'm now thinking about how I could make a a modern version of the Kenbak 1.

Apparently my iPad has notification noises turned on. I know this because I was started when @tootapp honked at me.

Something I just realized about moving my backend code to a socket server is that the application can connect locally or remotely with exactly the same code, only changing the IP address.

I'm considering replacing remote Apple Events with my own WebSocket server/ client.

How hard could it be? 😅

I decided I should try to use some time tracking software to figure out how long I'm spending on various projects (and especially to help estimate time for new ones).
Now I'll have a pretty pie chart telling me I need to always be doing something!

Just got a Very Important Business Email… with the user in my email address spelled wrong. I have never been happier all email to my domain goes into one inbox.

I've settled on a solution for this that I'm happy enough with. Alongside my nginx container I'm running an Rsync daemon container with shared volumes. Now any runner on the local network can sync files.

First I put the password into a file:

- echo "$RSYNC_PASS" > /rsync_pass
- chmod 600 /rsync_pass

Then build my Hugo site and sync:

- rsync -av --delete public/ --password-file=/rsync_pass rsync://$RSYNC_USER@$PRODUCTION_IP/data$PRODUCTION_DIR

I somehow managed to cut my finger on the ventilation holes on my MacBook Pro. This week is not going to hold back, is it?

Just did a quick test by unplugging the power supply: the battery is indeed charging!

I am using a real Li-ion battery charger for power. I just don’t have a charger meant for this battery.

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