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Went to a vintage camera museum a few days ago! They had some interesting stuff in there - cameras used in ww2 and spy cameras etc.


Slowly building up a nice little library of icons for my projects.

I feel like the code for this is in a state where I'm not completely embarrassed to share it.

I'm at a loss… what on earth are people searching for?

As part of a project I'm working on I need to deal with CSV files, so I thought "I should write a Swift Encoder/ Decoder to make it easy to deal with. How hard could it be?"

Wow, the Encoder protocol is complex!

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I can't bring myself to believe that artificial intelligence will bring an end to creative labor. you can't reduce creative labor to the artifacts it produces, and that the value of those artifacts doesn't inhere purely in their form. sure, I think a lot of the value in art comes from, like, visceral spectacle, but some amount also comes from being able to identify and appreciate the choices made in their production—and people are really good at identifying and distinguishing these choices

The other day I decided to build a GUI based on a CLI tool I made that reverse geocodes and adds EXIF info to photos.

Apparently none of the images or CSS has been loading on my website for three weeks. That'll teach me to blindly rely on continuous deployment.

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The winner (loser?) of this whole mess goes to this person, who had the wherewithal to recognize the irony is asking people not to reply all, but still replied to everyone.

Ah yes… the memes about people replying all sent by replying all…

The three stages of someone accidentally emailing a mailing list.

Just testing out how errors are handled in Capture One plug-ins.

The first public beta of Capturebot is available! If you're a studio or do any work with shot lists I'd love for you to take a look and let me know what you think.

Our last model of the day called in sick, meaning we broke early, which is great!
Except for the fact I now have nothing to do for three hours until the gallery opening I’m going to this evening. If I’d thought it through I would have stayed at the studio and continued working on other projects.

I made tomato soup from whole tomatoes tonight. It was quite good and very satisfying. This is all.

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