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Just got my black jumpsuit and mask. I'm totally ready for the Kylo Ren Faire.

Me: Pretty sure this means I need to write some generic methods so I don't have to duplicate code
Also me: I don't want to implement all of these methods 😭

Me: Gee, I can't wait to add this new feature!
Me, five minute later: Sweet, this is easy! I basically did this already
Me, 10 minutes later: I don't want to implement all of these methods 😭

Related, this is the only time I've written a recursive method call that hasn't ended in an infinite loop on the first few tries 😁

I'm pretty sure I just wrote the cleanest implementation of a repeating asynchronous task to download multiple pages of content from a REST API that I have ever written and likely will ever write.

In summary: PromiseKit is the best thing since sliced bread.

Apparently "Office decorations" are tax deductible, which means I have a tax deductible excuse to buy art for my office!

Work: here's a second $6,000 iMac Pro you did't ask for.
Me: Thanks. Can I have a transport case to keep it safe?
Work: Nope, that's too expensive

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I completely rebuilt the backend API for an application I've been working on and I'm really not up to basically rebuilding the entire application right now.

I think it might actually be less work to just make the iOS version instead of retrofitting the macOS version.

I think I know why the compiler is mad. Protocols can't be encoded/ decoded automatically because the complier can't know what the actual conforming object is.

The Swift compiler is at it again. Not so sure what to do about this one.

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I've finally figured out how to implement this API!

He says for the fourth time in as many months.

Attempting to optimize AppleScript code really is Sisyphean.

Up-until-recenty status:

Luckily I managed to find one whole person who had the same problem and they even provided an almost working solution.

I think if I'd plugged it in before I left wake for network access would work, but it looks like it's disabled when on battery power.

I've connected to my home network via VPN and can ping my laptop but I can't SSH into it.

I wonder if any of my roommates are home and could go and open the lid?

Nothing like discovering some files didn't sync up to the cloud before you closed your laptop.

How can Facebook screw up a simple chat text box so much? I can't even reliably type and delete text.

The key realization for me was deciding I don't need to create a full REST API. I only need to provide access to a limited set of URIs that map to methods which in turn call to AppleScript handlers that communicate with Capture One on the host system.

Once this is all in place the client side can be anything from a full instance of CaptureBot to an iOS Shortcut to a curl command.

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