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Messing around with tooling around EXIF metadata. I figure my sanity is pretty much a write-off at this point.

I published a new blog post about adding a counter to a URL in Swift last night.

One of these days I'm going to post more regularly.

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Them: Wow, this vegetarian shepherd's pie is really good

Me: I know, I can't believe it doesn't have any real shepherd in it!

After much research I've concluded that all additive manufacturing processes hate me.

Additional research has also concluded that subtractive manufacturing processes "couldn't care less" about me.

The time has come to obnoxiously spam everyone I know (including you!) with the link to my new app’s beta!

Capturebot is a shotlist management and Capture One control app, so if you’re a photographer this is the tool you’ve been waiting* for!

* Maybe not, but I think it will make your shoots easier 😄

The worst part about getting ready to launch a new project is making a website and writing documentation.
If I didn't need a place to send people to actually download the software I'd totally procrastinate on this 😬

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I don't get why everyone is always complaining about making macOS applications. For instance, say you want to make you app launch at login. Easy.

You simply choose between two formally deprecated APIs that are a part of some of the oldest and most poorly documented system frameworks.

(Finally) upgraded to Mojave!

So I'm now waiting for Homebrew up update everything so I can update the dependancies for my project so I can use Swift 5.

Maybe planning on getting anything done tonight was a mistake…

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Just got my black jumpsuit and mask. I'm totally ready for the Kylo Ren Faire.

Me: Pretty sure this means I need to write some generic methods so I don't have to duplicate code
Also me: I don't want to implement all of these methods 😭

Me: Gee, I can't wait to add this new feature!
Me, five minute later: Sweet, this is easy! I basically did this already
Me, 10 minutes later: I don't want to implement all of these methods 😭

Related, this is the only time I've written a recursive method call that hasn't ended in an infinite loop on the first few tries 😁

I'm pretty sure I just wrote the cleanest implementation of a repeating asynchronous task to download multiple pages of content from a REST API that I have ever written and likely will ever write.

In summary: PromiseKit is the best thing since sliced bread.

Apparently "Office decorations" are tax deductible, which means I have a tax deductible excuse to buy art for my office!

Work: here's a second $6,000 iMac Pro you did't ask for.
Me: Thanks. Can I have a transport case to keep it safe?
Work: Nope, that's too expensive

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I completely rebuilt the backend API for an application I've been working on and I'm really not up to basically rebuilding the entire application right now.

I think it might actually be less work to just make the iOS version instead of retrofitting the macOS version.

I think I know why the compiler is mad. Protocols can't be encoded/ decoded automatically because the complier can't know what the actual conforming object is.

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