The other day I decided to build a GUI based on a CLI tool I made that reverse geocodes and adds EXIF info to photos.

The winner (loser?) of this whole mess goes to this person, who had the wherewithal to recognize the irony is asking people not to reply all, but still replied to everyone.

Ah yes… the memes about people replying all sent by replying all…

The three stages of someone accidentally emailing a mailing list.

Just testing out how errors are handled in Capture One plug-ins.

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A resounding "OMG it fucking works!?" from the refactor.

At the time I was also perplexed as to why I had to play hot potato with errors, catching them and then throwing them again.

Turns Out: you don't. I just didn't know better 😅

And the award for Least Helpful Issue Filed in the Bug Tracker goes to Issue #11!

Someone really couldn’t be bothered with perspective in the latest Doctor Who episode.

Since @djsundog mentioned alternate history computers it reminded me of this:

I'm now thinking about how I could make a a modern version of the Kenbak 1.

Tweaking my system power management settings seems to have fixed the problems I've been having with my OWC Aura Pro X. The IO speed isn't quite what was promised, but it's good enough for now.

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