Doing a little cleaning in the settings view of Capturebot. Visually it's mostly the same but now 20% less hacky behind the scenes!

I don’t know nearly enough about CSS to make this myself, so I’m using Luxbar which gives a very satisfying hamburger menu with no JavaScript.

That was one of the last major hurdles to removing JS from was website!

Not really sure what Carrot’s on about…

I've no idea how I can practically cut the speaker grill on this.

CNC is the easiest, but as I've mentioned automated manufacturing processes are the bane of my existence.

Just for fun: some renders of the design. The aluminum shell I've had build for years, but the inner electronics chassis is something I could do five years ago.

Xcode really doesn't need to throw up a dialogue box every time my Playground fails to compile.

It takes effort to make software that's this bad of a platform citizen and requires this response to a bug.

The Swift compiler is at it again. Not so sure what to do about this one.

How can Facebook screw up a simple chat text box so much? I can't even reliably type and delete text.

Ok, React Native is getting kind of poetic with its errors now.

I’m not an expert, so I can’t be entirely certain, but I have believe something might have, in some small way, gone horribly wrong.

While batch applying some settings I copied a burn mask to a photo without the subject and ended up with a virtually dusty floor.

Found a new udon recipe today. It’s easy to make and delicious, I just had to make one note.

Apparently I can’t watch Amazon Prime video over an Amazon Basics cable.

As much as I would love to blame Xcode for this one, the real culprit is corporate IT forcing password changes every six months that never quite work correctly.

Finishing up the edits on a test shoot from back in December.

Finished the first prototype of my camera bag. I need to see how well this one works before moving on to the final version.

My stickers arrived yesterday. You know what that means!

Step One: build some shelves

Step Two: glorious organization

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