After nearly *5* years I'm back at finishing my lightsaber design.
It's actually kind of amazing to revisit this project with new skills, because I'm actually in a position to complete what I'd envisioned half a decade ago.

On a related note:

How on earth did I start this in 2014? That's wild.

On a more amazing note:

How have I not lost most of the parts in three moves since then? That's basically impossible.


Just for fun: some renders of the design. The aluminum shell I've had build for years, but the inner electronics chassis is something I could do five years ago.

I've no idea how I can practically cut the speaker grill on this.

CNC is the easiest, but as I've mentioned automated manufacturing processes are the bane of my existence.

The impetus for all of this is a friend's birthday on the 4th of May.

I should have started a month ago.

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