I somehow managed to cut my finger on the ventilation holes on my MacBook Pro. This week is not going to hold back, is it?

Just did a quick test by unplugging the power supply: the battery is indeed charging!

I am using a real Li-ion battery charger for power. I just don’t have a charger meant for this battery.

I suppose this is my own fault for buying inexpensive scotch, but this scotch really isn’t good 🙁

Tweaking my system power management settings seems to have fixed the problems I've been having with my OWC Aura Pro X. The IO speed isn't quite what was promised, but it's good enough for now.

Question for Docker people:
What is the best way to update files in a Docker volume from a git repo using GitLab CI?

Messing around with some alternate camera icons for Capturebot. The first is based on a Leica M10 and the second a Rolleiflex.

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wanna do some large scale prints off these but don't have anything to do with them: a story of my life


So I get attackers trying to SSH into my server as root, but this is oddly specific.

I hadn't noticed this before, but the Phase One 1Q4 could make for the world's most expensive IP security camera 😂

This is the best email I have ever received, and most likely ever will receive 📸🐶

Looks like I broke some permissions in the process. Let's see if I can attach a photo this time.

To help with server admin, here's my parents' dog, Luna.

Moved my Mastodon instance into Portainer and discovered I've been handling assets incorrectly. For the first time in several updates my about page renders correctly!

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Recommendations for old weird sci-fi movies?

(Boosts or rec's appreciated)

My landlord set up a fancy new online payment system, which I set up, not thinking about the cheque my bank had already mailed 😅

So this is fun! Do to a mistake in rent payments I only have $67 left in my chequing account 🙃

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