It’s amazing what a little sanding and a few coats of polyurethane will do. I’ve been meaning to finish this shelf for a while and finally got around to it this weekend.

I think I might restructure my website to make photo collections metadata rather than hierarchical. Basically have a photo stream and assign photos to collections arbitrarily.

I've been loving the behind the scenes videos for the iPhone and Apple Watch wallpapers.

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Attempting to migrate my server to Rancher did not go as well as expected. Time to retreat back to Docker Compose.

Decided that I should shift my travel photos from a gallery to posts in my blog. I think this will help me post photos more often, even if I don't have a written topic. Of course this means I might end up lightly spamming my few RSS subscribers.
If you'd like to be one of them:

The middle of nowhere is kind of pretty.

I regret not making portraits of all the people I met at XOXO. Next year I’ll make a point of doing that.

I had such an amazing time at , but I'm certainly feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I think this is the push I've needed to take up writing my thoughts down as a way to work through things.

I really need to parallelize my reverse geocoding script.

I tried out an electric scooter today and, as silly as I felt I looked, it was a fun and easy way to get around.

Nothing like a fundamental part of your app breaking without a clear reason why.

It could be Mojave’s AppleEvent restrictions, different scripting definitions between versions, or a Python tool that isn’t generating output correctly.

Also, updating Swift dependancies is still kind of annoying if you haven't touched a project in a couple months.

Decided I should spend some time working on the project I listed on my XOXO profile. The code has had a long enough nap.

Waiting for the sun to move a shadow a few inches is why I took up studio photography. I don’t think the Japanese Gardens would be thrilled if I brought in strobes, however.

Just got lightly told off by a security guard for poking around a film set.

I’d pretty much forgotten how annoying perspective correction is on a view camera.

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