More than a little surprised that this server is still actually up and running. Guess it's time to update everything.

After a bunch of internal testing and tweaking I finally merged by JavaScript-free website onto the master branch!

It comes with a bunch of little visual changes that clean up the look of the site.

I wrote about it here:

One day I will remember to check the forecast before putting laundry out to dry.

Today was not that day.

Doing a little cleaning in the settings view of Capturebot. Visually it's mostly the same but now 20% less hacky behind the scenes!

Tonight's happy fun times: putting together spreadsheets with income projects for when I go freelance.
My big complicated spreadsheet tells me one thing: self-employment tax really eats into that nice gross income.

It feels like I hadn't done this in a while, but last night I spent a couple hours fixing some simple bugs and adding some little easy features to

I think I've gotten too caught up in the idea that I can only make "big progress" on it before launch.

I don’t know nearly enough about CSS to make this myself, so I’m using Luxbar which gives a very satisfying hamburger menu with no JavaScript.

That was one of the last major hurdles to removing JS from was website!

The universe seems to have different ideas on how soon I should go freelance again. I might be on board with it if we weren't already short a person at work.

On a whim today I decided to get Capturebot its own domain name:

It's amazing how little projects grow up so fast 😢

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Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

After about an hour I have the image galleries working in my new JavaScript-less site template.

Unfortunately I realized the old theme used Bootstrap for its navigation bar, so that's going to have to be rebuilt.

I've been wanting to remove needless JavaScript (preferably all) from my website for a while now, but latest blog post has pushed me to actually begin that process.

The two primary uses of JS are my masonry gallery layout, which can be done via CSS, and syntax highlighting, which might be a bit trickier.

The key part of item grouping is grouping by parts of file names. So for instance if your shot names follow a [Product Name]_[Angle] scheme you can group by product name or angle.

I just pushed the latest beta of Capturebot out to TestFlight. This build includes a big feature: item grouping.

Check it out:

I got rolling on a refactor to prep for a feature that I accidentally just implemented it.

I should probably just spend the extra 30 minutes and add the UI.

Oops… I forgot I'd customized the sort order of my custom type, so I actually do need to use a struct that can encapsulate two variables.

Time to make this table view able to hold generic sections. Let's see the key needs to be Hashable, Comparable, and CustomStringConvertible. I could use a type alias or a protocol.

Hmm… the complier doesn't like those. I guess I need a struct to hold the string and then conform to hashable, and… wait


String itself does all of this 🙃

Not really sure what Carrot’s on about…

The impetus for all of this is a friend's birthday on the 4th of May.

I should have started a month ago.

I've no idea how I can practically cut the speaker grill on this.

CNC is the easiest, but as I've mentioned automated manufacturing processes are the bane of my existence.

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