Someone submitted a pull request on a project of mine today. It's the first time I've ever been on the maintainer side and it's kind of amazing to know other people find my framework useful.

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"how would you describe your coding style?"

"acolyte of the drunken master"

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Finished my stained glass course, and the Menger sponge piece I was making over the course of it. Really, really happy with the results, and to have learned about this medium; the whole process was interesting and I wrote about it (with lots of pictures) here:

#art #fractal

I came up with a great new idea for a project today and was really excited to get home and start prototyping it… until I realized I'd had the same idea nearly three years ago and actually wrote the underlying frameworks.

Now I'm really excited to scrap the old code and rewrite it with three extra years of coding experience 😁

I finally shipped a new internal tool that's replacing some Hazel rules I made to replace the previous version of the internal tool.

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Ok, React Native is getting kind of poetic with its errors now.

I spent some time adding a feature to my website/ blog that I've been wanting for months: an easy way to add photo gallery content to blog posts.

This, of course, comes with a new post that makes uses of the new gallery embed:

I’m not an expert, so I can’t be entirely certain, but I have believe something might have, in some small way, gone horribly wrong.

The other day a friend was talking about how they wished they had a way to brew more than a single cup of tea at a time and they were reminded “tea pots” exist.

I realized I had the same problem, so now I’m brewing a growler of tea.

I haven't updated this project in a while, but I just pushed a new version of my Swift library for interacting with launchd.

While batch applying some settings I copied a burn mask to a photo without the subject and ended up with a virtually dusty floor.

Related: nobody should be allowed to move mid-month. My spreadsheets for rent and utilities does not handle prorating very well.

Nothing like spending Sunday reconciling rent payments.

I spent yesterday falling down a rabbit hole by asking "I wonder if there's any open source invoicing software?"

Turns out: there is, I can self-host it, and now I can accept Apple Pay from clients!

Found a new udon recipe today. It’s easy to make and delicious, I just had to make one note.

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i just found out about the African Pygmy Falcon and now so have you LOOK AT IT

Cursing at DRM. Show more

I'm guessing the real culprit is DisplayPort, which is silly, because why would you use HDMI on a Desktop monitor?

Apparently I can’t watch Amazon Prime video over an Amazon Basics cable.

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