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I've no idea how I can practically cut the speaker grill on this.

CNC is the easiest, but as I've mentioned automated manufacturing processes are the bane of my existence.

Just for fun: some renders of the design. The aluminum shell I've had build for years, but the inner electronics chassis is something I could do five years ago.

On a related note:

How on earth did I start this in 2014? That's wild.

On a more amazing note:

How have I not lost most of the parts in three moves since then? That's basically impossible.

After nearly *5* years I'm back at finishing my lightsaber design.
It's actually kind of amazing to revisit this project with new skills, because I'm actually in a position to complete what I'd envisioned half a decade ago.

@kelbot Exactly. I feel like a lot of home automation was dreamt up for a studio apartment in SF, not for roommates/ spouses/ kids/ the internet being down 🙃

Sounds like you have a good plan. Eventually it is possible to get everyone on-board. For me it took "dial M on the rotary" which sets the movie scene in the living room.

@kelbot Moslty lighting automation based on times and my location. I’ve also got a bunch of little homemade buttons to control everything.

I try to set everything up so I never have to use Home Assistant directly for controlling anything. If it’s more cumbersome than flicking a light switch someone will and break the system.

So after a bit more research it seems my grand plan of using enterprise-grade storage solutions might not work because the software only runs on Ubuntu 14 🙃

@kelbot Home Assistant is great! I've been running it for years.
They're doing an excellent job of making everything easy.

I realized the other day my "new" home server has been up and running for a year! 🎉

All without any reasonable backup solution 🤯

I'm thinking of setting up Storige, which while completely overkill, should provide some redundancy.

Found a draft post about a project I've been working on for 8 months. I really need to get better at documenting these projects in *real time*.

Manager: Do you think you can have this video done tomorrow?
Me: Probably, at least a rough cut
Manager: Great! I'm going to sit in with you for part of the day
Me (internally): Nevermind

Nearly sent out an email saying “I’ve included a couple of placenta options” instead of “placement options” 😨

Why is that even an option in the autocorrect database?

One of these days it’s going to lead to me just replacing my mom’s computer.

Ah yes, the classic parental “Can you take a look at my computer” that leads to an OS update.

Just found my new favorite line of text in the man page for `diskutil`:

"If a disk is partially damaged in just a certain unlucky way…"

Xcode really doesn't need to throw up a dialogue box every time my Playground fails to compile.

Looks like it's time to rebuild the backend of Geolocator with a new understanding of how to more efficiently use exiftool.

To be fair, it's just a documentation wiki we abandoned for a different solution that we're now taking a look at again.

Me: Ok, let's get some coding done!
Brain: Yes, let's do it!
Me: *fingers on keyboard*
Brain: LOLWUT!?

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